Flat Bamboo insert

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Bamboo boosters by Kings of my Castle are wonderfully absorbent. Natural, soft, absorbent. Place one of these bamboo boosters between the nappy and the wrap to extend the absorption capability in a two part system. For pocket or all-in-one nappies just pop them inside. The boosters can be fold in 3 for a 6 layer boost. Works great with any cloth diapering combination.

Content: Rayon of bamboo 67%, 28% organic cotton, 5% stretch terry cloth fabric.

One flat insert

Random colour

Size: T3 32x33 cm (made with two layers of bamboo fabric)

Handmade in Portugal with love!

Care instructions

Wash medium. Air dry. No Fabric softener. Run a rinse or quick wash cycle without detergent. Long 40ºC wash. Bamboo shrinks more than cotton. These diapers are made from natural materials and will shrink up a little after several washes. When using brand new, natural fiber diapers, it takes 4-5 washes for the fabric to begin reaching peak absorbency because the natural oils in the fibers need to be removed.

The product may have variations in the cut, since the whole process of cutting and sewing is done manually.