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Pantyliner Snowman (organic cotton)

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Reusable Cloth Pads are great for sensitive/ delicate skin. Will keep you dry and fresh all-day long. Suitable for very light incontinence, problems with vaginal discharge, as backup for menstrual cups etc, great for ovulation discharg and daily use. The very breathable and water-repellent fleece underlay lets your skin breathe and protects your underwear.

Topper - organic cotton (2 layers)

Outer protective layer: polar fleece

approx. 14 cm length

approx. 5 cm soaker width

Menstrual flow: 1 (1 to 5), daily use.

95% organic cotton + 5% stretch (GOTS certification)

Polar: 100% poliéster

Very comfortable, healthy alternative to the disposable menstrual pads. Great Zero waste present for a friend.

Handmade in Portugal.

One cloth pad.

Always wash your cloth pads prior first usage! This will remove any residual marking or adhesive that we use during the crafting process.

Care: You will need to rinse your pads in cold water after use, drain the excess water and keep with your laundry basket for the laundry day. You can machine wash your pads, up to 40ºC, preferably by 30ºC. We recommend to air dry. Do not iron. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.

The picture is a representative of what you will receive.

The product may have variations in the cut, since the whole process of cutting and sewing is done manually.