Set of 20 cloth wipes + cotton bag

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If you are going to cloth diaper your baby, cloth wipes are essential. Kings of my Castle cloth wipes are a perfect replacement for disposable wet wipes. Wipes are a great assistant when changing. Cloth wipes are really versatile. These wipes are amazing for hands and faces. You can save money with reusable wipes. Are durable and wash well. You’ll find them useful in bath, cleaning hands and mouths, and wipe the baby’s bottom.

Set of 20 cloth wipes + cotton small bag.

Random colours, sizes, prints, plain colors.

Receive a surprise mix of sizes and materials: cotton, organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, bamboo/ hemp, bamboo velour...

Handmade in Portugal.

Always wash your cloth wipes prior first usage! This will remove any residual marking or adhesive that we use during the crafting process.

Care: You can machine wash your wipes, up to 40ºC. We recommend to air dry. Do not iron. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.

The picture is a representative of what you will receive.

The product may have variations in the cut, since the whole process of cutting and sewing is done manually.