Snapless Diapers 10 pack

160.00 €

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10 pack One-Size Bamboo Velour Snapless Cloth Diaper. Each pack contains:

10 snapless diaper (random colors)

10 bamboo inserts with snaps +

10 bamboo inserts +


Bamboo velour snapless cloth nappy KINGS of my CASTLE are soft, trim, and super absorbent.
It's a two part diapering system, fits trimly and are adjustable at the waist.
Fits approx. 3,5-14,5 kg.

70% viscose from bamboo / 30% organic cotton
70% viscose from bamboo / 28% cotton / 2% poly

Made in Portugal with love!

Each diaper includes
Shell: Two layers of bamboo velour and one layer of bamboo fleece. Elasticated legs and waist.
Soaker: Three layers (1 layer of bamboo velour and 2 layers of bamboo fleece).
Booster: Three layers of bamboo fleece.

These diapers are made with all natural fibers and do require a cover to be worn over them.

Natural materials will shrink up a little after several washes. When using brand new, natural fiber diapers, it takes 4-5 washes for the fabric to begin reaching peak absorbency because the natural oils in the fibers need to be removed.