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Soakers Polar fleece windpro orange

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Soakers polar fleece with windpro
Cloth diaper cover - soakers

Kaki with orange waist and white cuffs

KINGS of my CASTLE soakers with extra layer in wet zone. Soakers are perfect as cloth diaper covers.
Fleece diapers cover that can be used over cloth diapers or even disposable diapers to protect against leaks. Great for fitted diapers.
Adorable and soft!

Made with anti-pill polar fleece and windpro. Polar Fleece is heavyweight material made of polyester, which does not absorb moisture, but instead helps to transport it away from the body.

WP - with Polartec® Windpro 9411.

Polar fleece is water resistant, breathable and easy to maintain. Polar fleece is not waterproof and is prone to compression leaks if the diaper is saturated.

Fleece soakers can be used as a cover for cloth diapers, for disposable diapers, and for cloth training pants.

Easy to launder. No special detergents or lanolizing.

Handmade in Portugal with love.

S (0-6 months)

Always recommend sizing up if you’re unsure or in between sizes.

Wash medium. Air dry. No Fabric softener.
Run a rinse or quick wash cycle without detergent. Long 40ºC wash.

NOTE: every device displays colours differently and we cannot guarantee that the colours you see on your screen match the colour of actual fabric.